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Of an End & a Beginning......

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day".
-Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I was wondering what would be the first word of the first page of my book; it had to mean a lot for me, sum up everything for me and the word that came to my mind was ……Thanks

Hmm, for all the things that happened for me last year and for things that are yet to come...
For all the loved ones, for all my friends, colleagues old &new, for all those who have guided me, helped me, supported me, encouraged me, motivated me, inspired me… my thanks
And if I was to list down the names of the things & people I would thankful to, it might l just fill my entire book.

“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
-Lewis Caroll

Well so.. I’ll move on to the next thing that comes to mind … A wish

A dream, a desire, an ambition which I have wished for, to attain, that will be the driving force for me for an entirety to achieve and accomplish the things which I have planned for myself. Chalking out a roadmap to know where I will be when I get there.

Some aspirations to fulfill, some desires to nurture.. looking forward to all that in coming year

"A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other".

The dawn of New Year is incomplete without… Resolutions.
I have never made any before, not because I am afraid I can’t follow them but because you don’t really have to wait for whole New Year to start off something…
If you wish to you can, anytime anywhere…

But since I have wished to do something’s now.. I might as well scribe it down, so each time I visit my blog I am reminded of it.

1. My first resolution would then be to follow my resolutions.
2. Read books as much as I can & increase the size of my little library.
3. Get rid of my addiction....( Oops read as spend less time on my precious computer)
4. “Observe, Learn, Reflect, Share ,Write” (yeah I am gonna make that as my resolution)
5. Act more and Think less
6. Dream more and Visualize

Well I guess these pretty much sum up for me, to look ahead…

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
Maria Robinson

Learning from past experiences, cherishing all good memories and taking in stride all the bitter ones.. Lets start afresh with new hopes, new ideas, new dreams….

I wanna start today..this day of an End and a new Beginning…


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Life as I know it so far.....

It’s difficult to live life not knowing what you wanna do about it….. in it….
Its difficult to tell others about it too, because, you are a mere.... perception to them

But I question this morality…
Is it not possible for a person to not know what one wanna do?.. what one wanna become?…
Why cant I know things that I don’t wanna do.. than what I want to..
I want to do lot of things in life..
But I don’t wanna look upto someone and say..
I wanna become like that person....

Coz, I don’t wanna be like someone…

I want to be someone….

In middle of interesting conversation I was questioned... “what do you dream of becoming?”, “what do you wish to give the world?”… these questions kinda left me dumbstruck.
I had never even questioned these things, cant even get close to having answers to these…

But then I realized these questions are not be answered they are to be felt,the feeling drives one to answer these questions.

I wish to find it one day...some day…

Funnily the dawning of realization hasn’t happened to me yet...
I guess because my hopes have raised.. my ambitions have raised…

I wish to yearn more, I wish to learn more.. I wish to earn more


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Driving me Crazy......

It seemed an ordinary day,
we went out for drive..
which had been so long overdue...

little did i know.. you were searing with rage,
untill in no time you bursted out fuming..
I had no other option then to see you cooling,
let you vent out..of all your anger...

A while passed...

when you were calming down but i was mad, fuming
I couldnt understand why were you angry?..

It seemed you complained, i had no time for you..
but then,this was the time i thought i'd give you..
you gave me no reason for your anger...
now i wonder.. if we could ever be together..

i had hoped to go on long drives with you,
visit places far and distant..
but if you continued being furious like this..
it would be hard for me to traverse...

we have been together since times myraid..
i wish to sustain it for time without end..

I had hoped you could be the medium,
which would let me be..
wherever i want to...
whenever i wished to..

At times i know.....

I drive you like crazy...
but today you showed me that..
you can drive me crazy too....

I think we both know now...
we drive each other crazy
Untill we meet next time,

for yet another blazing ride ...


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Subsistence of Being.........

I am a mere spectator.... in bylanes.... of this chaos.. watching.. it unfolding.. through my tv set…
In large bold letters Breaking News is being splashed across the screen, I am scurrying through all possible news channels I could switch on to a single frame.
Whatever it showed me, the sight that fitted in that single frame.. it was devastating.
The attack, the ruckus, the blasts, the hostages, the terrorists, the police The people.. the human… the mankind..

Mumbai is called the city of dreams, of aspirations, of inspirations, of hardship, of undying will, of never say never attitude.
I could see it getting diminished each second passing by….

The three days of terror stricken mumbai and minds….

After grasping the whole scenario and trying to absorb it.. a thought lingers.. why did they had to do this, for what purpose..
A mail claimed by people holding themselves responsible( deccan mujahidin) that this was done as revenge on hindu –muslim riots that happened in 1995…

Well I was like 8 year old then.. unaware of things going around me.. but I am quite old now to understand.. and rationally think on issues that surrounds our existence.

But this all didn’t make sense.. it did not seemed only to be a physical attack on people but it was an assault on the minds of people.. to create fear.. to create a feeling of hatred.. to create anger… It was a reaction to an action… but retorting it in violence is only going to trigger a chain reaction…


Our ever so publicity addict politians stand at podium created by site of attack and deliver classic speeches.. instead of letting police do their work.. they create chaos and jeopardize the lives of even more, and as always put price on bravery..
The media as usual provides even more fuel to this…

Out of fear, people jump to conclusions spread rumors… jeopardize more people.. and makes it difficult for police to do their job.. and rhetorically blame the police for not executing their work effectively.

This happens as usual.. every single time

These are the things that everyone knows about and in fact also know that these things cannot resolve any issues..

Yes!! all are angry and all want to do something.. but anger shouldn't be transformed into Violence.. but into Actions.

All I see, as retort to this case is.. are silent demonstrations.. lighting of candles… protests with placards displaying anger….burning of effigies… online petitions, messages scribbled with blood of youth who wish to lend their condolences to ones who were departed and a salute to ones who gave their lives.
Yes this is a way of venting the anger.. saying out loud that it has affected us... letting people know the severity of the situation...

But are these effective Actions?

I wonder if these can be the only effective tools to fight terror, to fight the unjustified laws of government, to fight the inefficiency of the politians… for us who wants to see a change in society.

I noticed a stark difference in ethos of the “Youth of today -- Us”

Well a little over month ago I was part of youth summit which gathered around different people from different parts of the world to do something… to talk about, discuss and if possible try to find solutions to climate change. Well the thing to note was these people were educated... intelligent... motivated.. triggered to do something constructive irrespective of the differences.

These terrorists also represent the youth of today.. educated... motivated...triggered to do something... these terrorist were trained( in marine warfare… for crying out loud), were educated youngsters( spoke fluent English.. a global language) who hailed from little known villages… but were utilized for destructive purpose.

It’s so paradoxical !!!

Well we have the power to change… to make changes.. to make a choice between creation and destruction.

Its we who create these problems and we will be the ones to resolve them…



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Subsistence of Being.... How !!!

Then what could be our Actions?

Unity, not in terms of strength of people but minds of people.
[Terrorism doesn't have, religion, culture, boundaries.. but then neither does Unity…]

A little belief in system of government, in officials that protect the integrity of it, though they seem to be mere puppets.

[ The officials are also common men who wish to survive.. who wish for betterment of country, who are in it for only purpose that they see their country stand tall,but sometimes due to unruly politicians..bear the brunt of being an official]

By being responsible citizens, take part in issues discussed and raise an opinion when given a chance,become a part of system, get acknowledged with running of it.

[We cant just blame system (government) because we are the ones who form it,we say it is of, by and for people.. true that things doesn’t happen the way they seem but aren’t we in some way responsible for this, rather than playing blame games.. cant we effectively do something about it]

Voting a candidate isn’t an obligation, elect the best and not best out of the worst.

[Section 49-O of the Constitution - Did you know that there is a system in our constitution, as per the 1969 act, in section "49-O"that a person can go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked and convey the presiding election officer that he doesn't want to vote anyone!

49-O: The voter (or elector) deciding not to vote:
If an elector, after his electoral roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters in Form-17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon as required under sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, decided not to record his vote, a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form 17A by the presiding officer and the signature or thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark.
If you think none of the candidates at the ward / constituencies are able enough to lead the community, you can always opt not to vote, but if you will use this right of yours you may start a new things in our electoral process, which will further strengthen our democracy]

Why should you go and say "I VOTE NOBODY"... because, in a ward, if a candidate wins, say by 123 votes, and that particular ward has received "49-O" votes more than 123, then that polling will be cancelled and will have to be re-polled. Not only that, but the candidature of the contestants will be removed and they cannot contest the re-polling, since people had already expressed their decision on them.

This would bring fear into parties and hence look for genuine candidates for their parties for election. This would change the way, of our whole political system... it is seemingly surprising why the election commission has not revealed such a feature to the public....]

Be little unmaterialistic…. vigilant, precautious, strong and try not to resort to money( materialism) for every single thing. It has been our habit we tend to break laws.. meant for our own security and protection.. and when we are caught we bribe people.

[Haven’t we truly been affected by this mentality of ours, terrorists entered by bribing people, they could execute the plan efficiently because of sheer negligence]

Family and education are important in creating a generation who could think rationally and morally and not succumb to brainwashing by extremists.

Somewhere or the other we all are subconsciously aware of all these things.. Yet somehow we fail to act on them.. fail to implement it…

Isn’t this a better lesson learnt !!!!

Well ..when we are done reading.. we turn over pages .. this mite as well be one leaf out of our.. life.. turned over…dog-eared…. but frayed…

But I then now…. I don’t wish to just remain as a mere spectator in bylanes of the chaos.. that mite unfold in future….


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A chapter.....

Well I really wanted to write this for some time now…
It's difficult to express feelings in mere words …
This phase of my life has been one helluve ride for me….turning me upside down….inside out….

After almost a lifetime of feeling worthless, life seems pretty interesting now. A 'thought' which came out of will to do something to be something had started to nurture…
I wasn't sure what was it exactly, a group of people coming together for what they believe in or just mere get together of people with similar interest or was I just doing it plainly out of boredom of doing nothing….

It seemed to be a whirlwind… It was impacting… I swept away in it..

The "ABEL Foundation" – we call it that…. A 'thought' much more than an organization….A thought which has lot of things to say… lot of things to do…of seeing the world we live, in better light….the thought of making a change in the lives of not only us but many… A change which I have truly started to experience..

I like this phase…

There were times I had wanted things to happen; I was perhaps waiting for things to happen. I wanted to do something, to be something; I never thought life could be that frustrating, when you feel like just shutting yourself from outside world, into complete isolation, I thought that would have felt much better.

But, Nature and People are two things that keeps me sane, I guess..

My thoughts and my mind now constantly ponder about these things that has affected me in truly great sense.. I forget everything else..
It's difficult to reason how different people traveling different paths meet at crossroads and continue to tread along the similar path.

I have got a reason to think, to reflect, to act…

I think its most challenging phase of my life, I want to do things which I think are beyond my reach. It feels good though, to be of some worth, to be appreciated, to be felt of some use…
It's been few days now, still under the charming spell of Youth Summit. It's overwhelming …

I can't believe nor began to explain the whole phenomenon (I wish to call it that); which I am sure everyone who was the part of it is still reeling under the effect….
When this whole thing was shaping up, I wrote about it in mail,which I am glad I did.. coz I don't ever wanna forget that experience;it said-

I am not sure why I am writing this mail... but, I guess its becoz of our current fetish of conveying everything through mail….. that has caught onto us with this whole thing (Peter Sir/ St Peters/ Spandan/ Youth Summit/ Unknown people/ new Acquaintances…… etc etc) surmounting the whole of "ABEL Foundation"…….

Each day opening up mail box filled with 8-12 frantic mails ( asking/ suggesting/explaining/requesting/ enquiring/introducing …etc etc..).
And with us figuring it all out ( wats new on agenda?/ who is this person now?/ is this link anything related/ do we have to reply to this one/Is it meant for us/ shud we write to them…. Blah blah) in middle of night talking in conferences( which we cant get enough of….:))

Beeping each other for scheduling the meets, beeping just to ask wassup, beeping to ask come in conference, beeping to ask.. u slept early kya, who will talk in conference?....

Googling whole day on things we could do/ how to register an ngo/ how to write funding proposal/ how, what why, when…. And on and on and on….

Yet with each passing day, conversing/ arguing/ complimenting/.criticizing/motivating and contemplating over wats more to do/ wats left undone/ wats finished/ and wats yet to be started……. we begin somewhere somehow….

Some ideas brainstorming us, some lull moments, some days of tiredness, and some bouts of enthusiasm, some of utter uselessness….

Yet through all this chaos….. mind-boggling and sometimes mind-numbing, we still yearn to- beep everyone, check mails ( on all possible ids), answer each one of them,
Google search again, check links again, read , re-read re-re-re-read mails again….

Each day every time.. I am still not sure why I m sending this, maybe little push to ourselves… in pulling "It" all up…..
It*- Refers to lot of things I m sure that need not need an explanation……

I am not sure how "It" all started but I m glad that I am a part of "It", life couldn't have bin better without "It"………

With lot of apprehension and little glimmering hope, we tried to organize something for the Youth Summit; little did we know the consequences of it… ….Teary eyes, sheer attachment, strong emotions, elevated spirits, raised hopes, bountiful of knowledge, bundles of courage, loads of dear friends and a "will"- A will to do something, to be something.

We all came out from nowhere but came to somewhere…. Out from nothing to something… We learnt, we enjoyed, and we shared.

I remember the first thing I did going back was logging to every damn account I have, trying to reach out to everyone…

Coming to write about the "It" – factor, it has broader meaning for me now… deeper effect on me.... and it encompasses of lot more things… now

I so badly want pensieve to exist (it would have allowed me to fully immerse myself in the memories stored within it and it would have also relieved my mind which is now cluttered with lot of information…with lot of memories… with lot of emotions).

Well I have herd people saying "Well that was the… turning point of my life" I am not sure if this is mine.
But, I hope it's not an illusion, not like a mere dream for an insomniac.
I would have never imagined myself being here, doing all these things I think I am getting addicted to these people….
I am getting addicted to all the things that I think I have been running away from all this while....

Of all the things in my life,that may come and go... I want this to stay forever..endlessly


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Out of the blue.......

Its getting interestingly funnier these days....

I dream a different dream each day(night!!), but with same "elements" that are a part of my life now…
My mind is filled with sweet memories of the same.. but my mind also tells me to let go of them… I have opened my study books …..

But my mind wanders of to different places.. to different memories!!

Interestingly while writing this and studying at same time I am solving a problem in English grammar.
It says.. solve grammatical error: the line reads.. “Many psychologists today suggest (a)/that we interpret dreams by comparing (b)/the dreams with (c)/the reality of each person’s (d)/Life” .
Out of 300 pages in my study book, I stumble upon this one precisely.. at this moment.

Untill now I have never witnessed anything that has had an impact on me. It’s difficult to digest the thought, pleasant but difficult....
I have never seen myself so vulnerable.


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Lucky Serendipitous .......

The Duke’s Nose trek is so famous that there are 700 people from a local trekking organization on an odd weekend to experience its beauty. That’s what lured me to check this place out….

It being a local trekker’s paradise we decide to try it out with some friends. Well this time we took to all by ourselves, having been experienced trekkers ( yea experience level being 1- Himalayan and 2-3 local treks).
After 6 out of 12 friends ditching us the day of trek, we were even more charged to continue with trek, come what may….
[I guess people are more enthu to take scenic pictures of locale to shove it off their (ditched) friends face…. :)]

We began our journey to khandala, the “we” and “us” included 2 experienced trekker gals and 4 zero experience trekker guys (most unnatural).

Well the journey was of 2hrs, most of which was spend playing dumb charades and acquainting new people.
[Read as- guys befriending other gals in compartment, even convincing them to join us in the game, but thank god for dumb charades, whoever invented it, anything for keeping mouth shut].
Time passed and we arrived at khandala station. But to my surprise the place is deserted big-time, not single chaiwalla, no stall, nor any people at 10 in morning… weird!!!!

Our route was very simple start walking the moment you get down from train.. yea… stick to the tracks,the very peculiar deserted, an old 1857 railway track.

All we had hoped on this trek was rain and mayynnn… we were blessed with not just that but with mist too…..
[A perfect start, a perfect weather, a perfect route, what more could we have asked for… yeah, what more could we have possibly asked for….]

We all walked the obvious route; track changing from “tar” to “mud” and when you reach a mucky path you know that’s the way to destiny…ooops destination….

Exploring the wilderness and sauntering in canopied route, the walk was fun…
The fun part was that there were foot marks on the path confirming we were on right path and we were happy about the fact there weren't 700 people trekking the same path but little a weary of the fact that we were the only one's walking….

But our assumption was soon falsified since we met up with group of trekker boyzz[ who had lost their way and seemed to be happy to have met us on our way].

Well we did know the route… which we eventually lost it……

I do not wish to elaborate the fact of getting lost… coz we enjoyed that fact*… lets just say we followed our instincts that day…
But,we could see the dukes nose gleaming across the mountain from where we were.. a small "waterfall" separated our destination, we followed that path…
(second most unnatural thing).

Somehow slipping, flipping, falling we managed to get on other side of waterfall, though we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The route that followed was undoubtable and we wanted to reach the top somehow… any how…

The somehow included clinging to bark of trees and stems of bamboo, 6 people climbing up path only meant for single person. The any how included clinging to barks of trees with thorns!!! And deep valleys on either sides of us…
Having finally reached the top, we realized that we actually ended some place else other than our intention.

Serendipity or what!!!!!

Well we didn't miss out on what we had come here for "Dukes nose" was just behind us, its nose gleaming with mist and rain
But after doing all this, one is truly physically on the top of the world; on the edge of cliff…We truly were….
The cliff was barely something that could accommodate six people.

Well there were silly little added dramatic scenes to whole the experience.
With questions springing “what if we are stuck here and can’t manage to find our way back?” trust me we were in that situation, but my feeling was only euphoric….
“What do you wanna do if this was your last day on earth?” It was well answered by I wanna go back…

We decided to spent sometime on lonely cliff, just admiring the beauty of nature and were trying to sink in the feeling that it was totally worth it climbing up and the fact** that we could probably be the only people to have treaded this cliff.

I would like to alter some famous lines of a poem by Robert frost…..
(Suits our scenario quite literally)

Two roads diverged in wood,
And we followed our instincts.
Having lost our way,
Took the one less traveled by…..
And that really did make all the difference……………

The mere thought of finding (neverland, not exactly but something similar..hee hee) is something I am going to reminisce for my life…

[*Route to the top is always by just climbing…
False- We climbed only to come down again on our way.. and lost it..
**Follow the foot marks, they lead the way
False- Again.. they are misleading so make your own ways, you might end up in discovering totally whole new place yea we did....]

Mind numbingly adventurous, beautiful and unforgettable!!!!!!


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Mumbai city was known, is known and will be known for its glitz & glam aka Bollywood……
Being born and brought up in city……I cease to understand the much hoopla about being “Celebrity“and the glam-sham industry…. It still fails to excite me, not that I am numb person……. I was never(and still not a) big “fan” of any celebrity, I never found the idea of taking humungous efforts standing patiently in queues amongst overwhelming maddening crowd , waiting to have just a glimpse or an autograph of their idol or whatever …..
How crazy can a person be to faint at site of seeing just another “human being”…. (You’ll come to know why I mentioned that word)……

My first encounter with a celebrity was when I visited a sets of T.V show where I was part of an audience, it was hosted by Sonali bendre ( well she was big screen celeb who had shifted to small screen then)…When she entered the sets the crowd went berserk shouting and screaming her name aloud (duhhhh!!!!!)
But my reaction was “eh!!!!!! She is just another human being”……… that was it… my ultimate expression… I remember vividly…..
Coming to think of it now I understand why I reacted that way… I guess (no it’s a fact actually) that celebrities have been treated as maybe some extraordinary, supernatural beings (aliens sounds much better or species of different kind perhaps).. Whom everyone wants have a look at….. (What for? To understand how different they are from other human beings…….)
P.S- All the celebrities should thank Edison for getting such adoration...….
My another, tryst with a celebrity happened when Priyanka chopra was our” Star Guest” for my college fest. Since I was in organizing committee, I was given the duty of video recording for the evening (the video of which was meant only for organizers to view….lolz)
That night I was not only able to capture a true glimpse of movie star but also of overzealous, infectious crowd (the audience) swarming to……….
(I am really confused to “have a look”, to “take an autograph” to “take a picture of her” to “touch her to find if she was ethereal”…….
My camera could capture all these moments…..
That was indeed some sight; I was bemused and awestruck at same time….
Well, all I do is grin each time I think of it, coz its one helluve world out there….. How much ever, be the fascination or magnetism of a celebrity or an emotion of star stuck person it failed me……
These few lines from a song’s aptly describe why I feel that way…

Illusion and Dream

Look in my eyes I'll make you see..
We're drifting aimlessly ....
Blind in a world of make believe………

I've got no hand in matters worldly,
I hardly care at all .....
What's going on fails to concern me,
'Cause I'm locked behind my wall .....
But you know what drives me out
Out of my mind oh ……..

It's whatever makes you see
Makes you believe.......
And forget about the premonition you need to conceive
The images they sell are Illusion and Dream
In other words dishonesty…….


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Not just another .........."TREK"

Rajmachi Trek

Eventually being “tired” of getting “bored” all summer.. I decided to go on for local trek to Rajmachi- A place not many would have herd of, including me. So, I along with few friends of mine, contacted a local organization through which we could go (well, parents never allow you to go alone)…….. Solely depending on the info we got on the site, we group of 6 people set out to trek Rajmachi……
As decided we united with organization’s group (sum 50 trekkers…phew!!!!!) at Lonavla station (since we were from Mumbai and group from Pune)……
Coming back to the info that I got on website, the trek included a spectacular moonlight walk of 18 kms (I always wanted to go on night trek. Nah...( “Moonlight trek” it sounds more delightful), and a climb of two forts Manaranjan & Shrivardhan Gad. Well the details were accurate, but prospects seemed discerning, for what was to follow………….
We began our walk around 6 pm on normal tar road at first… just as sun began to set…… Time passed by chitchatting and walking at same time (there’s nothing funny bout that as of now…). We moved towards the actual terrain around 7 when it was pretty dark, so far it seemed exciting. Most of people were out with there torches, but I’d still wanted to rely on moonlight…….
(What’s the fun otherwise and also the fact that I wasn’t carrying a torch )…
Having the experience of walking in Himalayas, were one walks around 15-20 kms everyday…. I thought a 10 kms walk would be piece of pizza (why does it always has to be a cake !!!!!!!!)
Assuming 10 kms coz, I thought 18 kms included the walk on forts; well this was the discerning fact……
It must have been around 9 pm and still the destination seemed to be distant (all those who asked, where it was, leaders pointed at nearest mountain)… Getting a clue from that, I embraced the fact that it was still far away, and treading through narrow paths, the moonlight wasn’t helping, so sustaining on light of other people torches, I followed the path………………….
The tiredness was apparent on everyone’s face but the night veiled it well….
At some point of time, it felt as if our feet walked, not us…….

Stumbling, Tripping, Hitting, Trembling
On every stone and rock on our way,
Exhausting, Challenging, Wearing, Tiring,
Grueling, Draining, Panting,
Experience we had trekking the path…….
Rewarding, Pleasing, Humbling, Overwhelming,
Gratifying it felt, when we finally reached our destination…………
There was actually a cry of relief “Hey we can see a house here!!!!!!! " , something of that sort was it………….. I think I know now what would a traveler feel when he finds pond of water in desert after coming across many oases on the way…….
All just dropped down where they were standing and… guzzled down water and gulped down the food…. and even after that enduring walk.. People still were interested in camp-fire…more than that in singing…
What seemed to be a fun thing to do, turn out to be little more than that…. However the feeling of euphoria was soon overtaken with apprehension because we had to return back by the same route the very next day & that too in scorching heat…….
Wondering if I ever had more peaceful sleep than that, I woke at crack of dawn…. All set to trek the forts Manaranjan and Shrivardhan……

The only thing that drives you to climb a fort (the altitude) is the view from the top and to sit on the edge of the fortified wall (mesmerizing!!!!!!)… Although the climb of forts wasn’t that painstaking, but sun was sweltering…..

Returning back to our base camp, we devoured on local food of bhakri and chutney a little hastily, coz we had to trek back to lonavla station, if we had to make it to Mumbai that same day….
But we couldn’t leave before having look at nearby reservoir which was our and ofcourse the whole village’s only source of water……
On our way there, I couldn’t help but notice huge solar panels, since it was dark when we came in here, I didn’t realize the village did not have electricity supply…… ( and we thought solar panels were high end)......

Calculating, the time we took to reach here and making few alterations like adding some physical factors the “SUN” duuhh !!!!!!!, we estimated around 4 & ½ hours to get back…. [Before reading, recollect soundtrack of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly]…… Loading 3 bottles of water each, glares on our eyes, cap on our head, fully equipped with paraphernalia to beat the sun, (damn we missed sunblock….), we set out to trudge again…………………..

THE TRAIL..........
Treading on the barren land,
Retaining all the water in hand,
We walked again in the sunshine…..
With our mouth shut this time
(For we didn’t wish to taste soil again)
Sight only on path ahead of mine.
Walked again in the sunshine…..
Resting underneath the shade of tree
Awhile, to gather our might as we,
Still had long way to go, it seemed to be,
Winding lanes and meandering tracks,
Quenching thirst and gasping for breath
We walked again in the sunshine ………
In pursuit to cease, what we began with,
An unforgettable journey…..
For us, to reminisce it……….

[Its still hard for me to believe that i wrote it poetically]

The route way back no doubt, was an ultimate endurance test, completed by running half a mile on train platform to catch my only transport to way back home…….
The prospect of trekking in such an elusive environment, actually brings out best in you. The city’s lax-luxurious life (though not much in Mumbai), takes a backseat and you are smacked down to ground reality that………….
“Feet are your only means of transportation and Will-power your only survival tool”.
I have believed every experience good or bad, teaches something, well this sure hell taught me something…………….

[Yeah, never go trekking in summer……… he he !!!!!!!]


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Unanswered Questions

What is God? Why do we go to temple? Why do we have to pray? Does God also listen to people who dont believe in same God?........... These questions would one seek to hear from kids and ya, they probably remind us of some of our own, yet unanswered childhood questions, which then were answered to by our (parents or perhaps grandparents) saying " Because God will bless you" or perhaps more cliche`one's " You will understand when you get older, right now just do as we say"....... And when we were as old enough to understand them, we failed to ask these questions again feeling embarrased that we may sound kiddish............. In the end we still remain clueless..........
But I came across these questions again while i was reading Paulo Coelho's "Like Flowing River" . So, I decided( well i never do what i decide) so, I wished to put an end to these questions myself ( ya rite, i couldnt have asked it to anyone else either) So,.......................

I first reasoned myself, what do i pray for when i go to temple,..........hmmmmmm aaahhhhhh, my mind doesnt give me an answer to that question....... because most of people vist it, to ask for something, to fufill a wish perhaps( which i dont like doing).Whenevr i have questioned this morality i, have always been frowned upon......So, I let it go......
Its not that i am an athiest, i do believe in Providence( its silly, actually the reason why i believe, you dont wanna know)..... But i still dont think the act of faith is something that should be forced upon........ ( each one to its own).........
Having said that,when I reasoned all those questions... and funny thing was I was able to draw few conclusions myself....
But before I do that here's a poem.. which i came across and that probably made me explain things to myself in better way, its an amazing poem.....


As you got up this morning,
I watched you,
and hope you would talk to me,
even if just few words,asking my
opinion or thanking me
for something good that happened
in your life yesterday.
But you were too busy trying to find
the right outfit to wear.

When you ran around the house
getting ready,
i knew there would be a few
minutes for you to stop and
say hello,but you were too busy
to do so..........
At one point for 15 minutes
you had nothing to do ....
you ran to the friend to get
the latest gossip.....

I noticed that before lunch
you looked around
and I thought maybe you felt
embarresed to talk to me,
that is why u didnt bow down your head .........
You glanced two or four tables
over and you noticed
some of your friends talking to be to me briefly
before they ate but you didnt.
But there is still more time left
and i hope you will
talk to me yet.

You went home and after few
chores you turned on
television set. I waited patiently
again as you watched TV
and ate your meal but again
You didnt talk to me........
Bedtime i guess you felt
too tired, after you said
goodnight to your family
You got into bed and
promptly fell asleep...............
You know i've got patience,
more than you will ever know.
I love you so much that I,
wait everyday for a nod,
prayer or thought,
It is hard to have a one-sided
conversation...... ..

Well, you are getting up once
again.and once again
I will have nothing but love for you.
Hoping that today you will
give me sometime.
Have a Nice Day!!!!

The following are the amazingly silly conclusions which i drew upon......... [ The silly part is, sometimes you draw conclusions as if you were a kid, but the amazing part is even if you are mature enough you want to believe in those......]

1) What is God---- God is a friend like rest of my friends, only thing that differs is, i cant see Him, But I guess He can see me......
2) What does God mean----- Hmmm, difficult question to ask, I guess "God" is name of that friend,whom nobody can see, but since He is friends with evryone, and there is only one such person whom we cant see yet believe He exists, hence a common name "GOD".[ and also perhaps if He were given many names He probably be confused himself, as to what His actual name is.......]
3) Why do we go to temple--- Hmmmm, cause we beleive that this friend of ours lives there, and like we visit our other friends house once in while, we go to temple to vist this friend too.
4)Why do we pray--- Its actualy not that way, we dont pray, we just ask this friend of ours, to do us favour once in a while... like we ask our other friends....

So, concluding the conclusion itself......Henceforth,once in while i wouldnt hesitate asking Him
" Hey dude wassup? "
[ I hope God wouldnt mind me calling Him a dude].......................


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Well, as i am writing this, actually unaware about the purpose of doing so..... But then on second thought you never really do something without knowing it...... do you...... Perhaps you might not reason it well, but at back of your mind something tells you to do just that......
Its been long time,since i created this blog just for heck of one..... though never really post anything
I never really felt the need for blogging also... I mean I found the prospect of letting everyone know about what you do, where you travel, what is your point of view etc..a little scary( ya scary!!!!!!) ........... but for now.
Hmmm, well people change with time they say......But, even if I do write something who the heck is going to read it... But then again, i don't give damn about that... Huh! well i am writing for myself........
I guess there are some things in life you wish to go all over again.. just rewind yourself to........ in past and reminisce it..... Well, ofcource there are photos, picture albums etc for that.... but i feel they are just not enough to remind you of "Good Ole Times"............
And then there are your thoughts, some views, opinions that you think no one would bother to listen,but you still wish they could be herd before they are washed down the memory lane...
Then there are your experiences, day to day or travel..... Some things that make you think hard and even harder, yet not decipherable......Some things you wish to grab for, yet you don't reach out to................
So, i guess this is what my blog is going to be after all.... hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
"OPEN SECRET" yeah, it is going to be just that......Not just the an oxymoron after all...........