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Definition: [noun] - C
oming to understand something clearly and distinctly.

Realized.. the value of each and every moment.. second… penny

Realized the things you been yearning for…. to do.. to have.. to be there .. suddenly appear like trails in fog… and also soon disappear.. as the trails in the fog…

Realized how much ever, time we think we have it is never quite that much.. much enough either.

Realized.. the moment you start thinking.. you have nothing to do .. you are zapped with everything.

Realized that what you’ve been wanting unknowingly …is what you will end up getting.

Realized if I could list down the number of things I’ve done in past 2 years, it doesn’t even remotely equate to the things I’ve done in the past 6 months.

Realized that ever soon you realise the fact that you have managed to dabble in lot of things at a time, that’s the only time , you realise it was nothing compared to what is more to come..

Realize with each passing day I’ve been a fool yesterday..

Realized vulnerability actually makes you stronger.

Realized the same things that make you happy have the capacity to make you sad as well.

Realise it’s the people, friendship, relationships … that keeps us moving forward.. and backward too

Realised setbacks.. actually acts as motivational kicks in the future…

Realized that being alone is far better than feeling alone in the crowd.

Realised each day your priority keeps changing..

Realized the things that can’t be defined are only meant to be figments of imagination.

Realized the most certain thing is uncertainty !!