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[Def: an obstacle to attention, derangement of mind, a diversity of direction]

Ever since we were kid.. our parents used to distract us, or probably try to divert our attention to.... some glowing lights, something eye catching, something that made noise, when we started crying or when we were annoying them or when we used to harass them.
Basically they tried something to grab our attention to get us attracted to something else.

And as we grow old they keep saying to us don’t do this thing, that thing, stay focused, don’t loose your concentration, mark your way, achieve your goal, don’t be side tracked….
Don’t Get DISTRACTED !!!

Quite a contradiction…

Distractions have always been those attractive things placed before us..meant to grab our attention.

Distractions have been those alluring things,moments,instances put in place before us so that we could experience them, seek them, enjoy them maybe learn from them....

Why aren’t the things that we are meant to do presented to us in such way.. and if they are.. because we have choose them.. then what exactly are Distractions?????

Why can’t the things we get distracted to... be the things we actually wanna do...

Why is it not possible that these roadblocks can be our milestones.. and why cant they be our stepping stones rather than hindrances.

Why isn’t the path that we get distracted to… meant to be our way..