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Unanswered Questions

What is God? Why do we go to temple? Why do we have to pray? Does God also listen to people who dont believe in same God?........... These questions would one seek to hear from kids and ya, they probably remind us of some of our own, yet unanswered childhood questions, which then were answered to by our (parents or perhaps grandparents) saying " Because God will bless you" or perhaps more cliche`one's " You will understand when you get older, right now just do as we say"....... And when we were as old enough to understand them, we failed to ask these questions again feeling embarrased that we may sound kiddish............. In the end we still remain clueless..........
But I came across these questions again while i was reading Paulo Coelho's "Like Flowing River" . So, I decided( well i never do what i decide) so, I wished to put an end to these questions myself ( ya rite, i couldnt have asked it to anyone else either) So,.......................

I first reasoned myself, what do i pray for when i go to temple,..........hmmmmmm aaahhhhhh, my mind doesnt give me an answer to that question....... because most of people vist it, to ask for something, to fufill a wish perhaps( which i dont like doing).Whenevr i have questioned this morality i, have always been frowned upon......So, I let it go......
Its not that i am an athiest, i do believe in Providence( its silly, actually the reason why i believe, you dont wanna know)..... But i still dont think the act of faith is something that should be forced upon........ ( each one to its own).........
Having said that,when I reasoned all those questions... and funny thing was I was able to draw few conclusions myself....
But before I do that here's a poem.. which i came across and that probably made me explain things to myself in better way, its an amazing poem.....


As you got up this morning,
I watched you,
and hope you would talk to me,
even if just few words,asking my
opinion or thanking me
for something good that happened
in your life yesterday.
But you were too busy trying to find
the right outfit to wear.

When you ran around the house
getting ready,
i knew there would be a few
minutes for you to stop and
say hello,but you were too busy
to do so..........
At one point for 15 minutes
you had nothing to do ....
you ran to the friend to get
the latest gossip.....

I noticed that before lunch
you looked around
and I thought maybe you felt
embarresed to talk to me,
that is why u didnt bow down your head .........
You glanced two or four tables
over and you noticed
some of your friends talking to be to me briefly
before they ate but you didnt.
But there is still more time left
and i hope you will
talk to me yet.

You went home and after few
chores you turned on
television set. I waited patiently
again as you watched TV
and ate your meal but again
You didnt talk to me........
Bedtime i guess you felt
too tired, after you said
goodnight to your family
You got into bed and
promptly fell asleep...............
You know i've got patience,
more than you will ever know.
I love you so much that I,
wait everyday for a nod,
prayer or thought,
It is hard to have a one-sided
conversation...... ..

Well, you are getting up once
again.and once again
I will have nothing but love for you.
Hoping that today you will
give me sometime.
Have a Nice Day!!!!

The following are the amazingly silly conclusions which i drew upon......... [ The silly part is, sometimes you draw conclusions as if you were a kid, but the amazing part is even if you are mature enough you want to believe in those......]

1) What is God---- God is a friend like rest of my friends, only thing that differs is, i cant see Him, But I guess He can see me......
2) What does God mean----- Hmmm, difficult question to ask, I guess "God" is name of that friend,whom nobody can see, but since He is friends with evryone, and there is only one such person whom we cant see yet believe He exists, hence a common name "GOD".[ and also perhaps if He were given many names He probably be confused himself, as to what His actual name is.......]
3) Why do we go to temple--- Hmmmm, cause we beleive that this friend of ours lives there, and like we visit our other friends house once in while, we go to temple to vist this friend too.
4)Why do we pray--- Its actualy not that way, we dont pray, we just ask this friend of ours, to do us favour once in a while... like we ask our other friends....

So, concluding the conclusion itself......Henceforth,once in while i wouldnt hesitate asking Him
" Hey dude wassup? "
[ I hope God wouldnt mind me calling Him a dude].......................

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arent u thinkin on a very wrong line??? its da other way around... man created god not vice versa... think on those lines n the whole equation just simplifies itself out.

7:24 AM

is god a dude or a dudette?

8:44 AM

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