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I am a mere spectator.... in bylanes.... of this chaos.. watching.. it unfolding.. through my tv set…
In large bold letters Breaking News is being splashed across the screen, I am scurrying through all possible news channels I could switch on to a single frame.
Whatever it showed me, the sight that fitted in that single frame.. it was devastating.
The attack, the ruckus, the blasts, the hostages, the terrorists, the police The people.. the human… the mankind..

Mumbai is called the city of dreams, of aspirations, of inspirations, of hardship, of undying will, of never say never attitude.
I could see it getting diminished each second passing by….

The three days of terror stricken mumbai and minds….

After grasping the whole scenario and trying to absorb it.. a thought lingers.. why did they had to do this, for what purpose..
A mail claimed by people holding themselves responsible( deccan mujahidin) that this was done as revenge on hindu –muslim riots that happened in 1995…

Well I was like 8 year old then.. unaware of things going around me.. but I am quite old now to understand.. and rationally think on issues that surrounds our existence.

But this all didn’t make sense.. it did not seemed only to be a physical attack on people but it was an assault on the minds of people.. to create fear.. to create a feeling of hatred.. to create anger… It was a reaction to an action… but retorting it in violence is only going to trigger a chain reaction…


Our ever so publicity addict politians stand at podium created by site of attack and deliver classic speeches.. instead of letting police do their work.. they create chaos and jeopardize the lives of even more, and as always put price on bravery..
The media as usual provides even more fuel to this…

Out of fear, people jump to conclusions spread rumors… jeopardize more people.. and makes it difficult for police to do their job.. and rhetorically blame the police for not executing their work effectively.

This happens as usual.. every single time

These are the things that everyone knows about and in fact also know that these things cannot resolve any issues..

Yes!! all are angry and all want to do something.. but anger shouldn't be transformed into Violence.. but into Actions.

All I see, as retort to this case is.. are silent demonstrations.. lighting of candles… protests with placards displaying anger….burning of effigies… online petitions, messages scribbled with blood of youth who wish to lend their condolences to ones who were departed and a salute to ones who gave their lives.
Yes this is a way of venting the anger.. saying out loud that it has affected us... letting people know the severity of the situation...

But are these effective Actions?

I wonder if these can be the only effective tools to fight terror, to fight the unjustified laws of government, to fight the inefficiency of the politians… for us who wants to see a change in society.

I noticed a stark difference in ethos of the “Youth of today -- Us”

Well a little over month ago I was part of youth summit which gathered around different people from different parts of the world to do something… to talk about, discuss and if possible try to find solutions to climate change. Well the thing to note was these people were educated... intelligent... motivated.. triggered to do something constructive irrespective of the differences.

These terrorists also represent the youth of today.. educated... motivated...triggered to do something... these terrorist were trained( in marine warfare… for crying out loud), were educated youngsters( spoke fluent English.. a global language) who hailed from little known villages… but were utilized for destructive purpose.

It’s so paradoxical !!!

Well we have the power to change… to make changes.. to make a choice between creation and destruction.

Its we who create these problems and we will be the ones to resolve them…


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English is not a global language.

I live in London and if anyone says to me “everyone speaks English” my answer is “Listen and look around you”. If people in London do not speak English then the whole question of a global language is completely open.

The promulgation of English as the world’s “lingua franca” is unethical and linguistically undemocratic. I say this as a native English speaker!

Unethical because communication should be for all and not only for an educational or political elite. That is how English is used internationally at the moment.

Undemocratic because minority languages are under attack worldwide due to the encroachment of majority ethnic languages. Even Mandarin Chinese is attempting to dominate as well. The long-term solution must be found and a non-national language, which places all ethnic languages on an equal footing is long overdue.

An interesting video can be seen at Professor Piron was a former translator with the United Nations

A glimpse of Esperanto can be seen at

12:21 PM

English is language in which I and You just communicated..
English is language which has set a common platform for people from all over the world to communicate in..
In that sense of understanding..
"English is a global language"
India has population of 1.13 billion..there 18 major languages being spoken,yet mode of education emphasized is english... why?
coz.. its global language..

True that the communication happens in differnt languages across the globe but english is dominating..

China speaks mandarin and that language can be called as dominating coz of its population, but if you look furthur.. they are hiring people who would teach english and english language is being promoted in china too..and its being imbibed in thier education system as well.

I agree with the fact that native languages are getting lost in translation.. and there has to be efforts made to safeguard them..

Something has to be started somewhere...
" लिखने के लिए धन्यवाद"

2:23 AM

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