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Driving me Crazy......

It seemed an ordinary day,
we went out for drive..
which had been so long overdue...

little did i know.. you were searing with rage,
untill in no time you bursted out fuming..
I had no other option then to see you cooling,
let you vent out..of all your anger...

A while passed...

when you were calming down but i was mad, fuming
I couldnt understand why were you angry?..

It seemed you complained, i had no time for you..
but then,this was the time i thought i'd give you..
you gave me no reason for your anger...
now i wonder.. if we could ever be together..

i had hoped to go on long drives with you,
visit places far and distant..
but if you continued being furious like this..
it would be hard for me to traverse...

we have been together since times myraid..
i wish to sustain it for time without end..

I had hoped you could be the medium,
which would let me be..
wherever i want to...
whenever i wished to..

At times i know.....

I drive you like crazy...
but today you showed me that..
you can drive me crazy too....

I think we both know now...
we drive each other crazy
Untill we meet next time,

for yet another blazing ride ...

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A little bit of editing,replacing few words and adding rhyming touch to it and i bet it would sound fantastic...poetry is pretty tough job to do..kudos again Prachi for the endeavour..not many seem to posses this craft..i am jealous atm because i am very bad at writing poems :P

9:21 PM

he he.. sushrut writing poems isnt about rhyming thats the first lesson..
its about writing your thoughts.. in less words.. :)
These are just random words... that came out.. and they should be put in the way they have come..

thanks for comments..but did u know what i am talking about here...:P

7:15 AM

Yeah..i know..poems aren't only about rhyming words..but what's wrong if the same rhyming words serve as an embellishment

10:06 PM

absolutely love it.... and umm... i dont know what/who you are talking about? :P

4:30 AM

hey ..i understood wat ur talkin abt.....
itz ur car ryt...

9:55 AM

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