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Out of the blue.......

Its getting interestingly funnier these days....

I dream a different dream each day(night!!), but with same "elements" that are a part of my life now…
My mind is filled with sweet memories of the same.. but my mind also tells me to let go of them… I have opened my study books …..

But my mind wanders of to different places.. to different memories!!

Interestingly while writing this and studying at same time I am solving a problem in English grammar.
It says.. solve grammatical error: the line reads.. “Many psychologists today suggest (a)/that we interpret dreams by comparing (b)/the dreams with (c)/the reality of each person’s (d)/Life” .
Out of 300 pages in my study book, I stumble upon this one precisely.. at this moment.

Untill now I have never witnessed anything that has had an impact on me. It’s difficult to digest the thought, pleasant but difficult....
I have never seen myself so vulnerable.

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