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Mumbai city was known, is known and will be known for its glitz & glam aka Bollywood……
Being born and brought up in city……I cease to understand the much hoopla about being “Celebrity“and the glam-sham industry…. It still fails to excite me, not that I am numb person……. I was never(and still not a) big “fan” of any celebrity, I never found the idea of taking humungous efforts standing patiently in queues amongst overwhelming maddening crowd , waiting to have just a glimpse or an autograph of their idol or whatever …..
How crazy can a person be to faint at site of seeing just another “human being”…. (You’ll come to know why I mentioned that word)……

My first encounter with a celebrity was when I visited a sets of T.V show where I was part of an audience, it was hosted by Sonali bendre ( well she was big screen celeb who had shifted to small screen then)…When she entered the sets the crowd went berserk shouting and screaming her name aloud (duhhhh!!!!!)
But my reaction was “eh!!!!!! She is just another human being”……… that was it… my ultimate expression… I remember vividly…..
Coming to think of it now I understand why I reacted that way… I guess (no it’s a fact actually) that celebrities have been treated as maybe some extraordinary, supernatural beings (aliens sounds much better or species of different kind perhaps).. Whom everyone wants have a look at….. (What for? To understand how different they are from other human beings…….)
P.S- All the celebrities should thank Edison for getting such adoration...….
My another, tryst with a celebrity happened when Priyanka chopra was our” Star Guest” for my college fest. Since I was in organizing committee, I was given the duty of video recording for the evening (the video of which was meant only for organizers to view….lolz)
That night I was not only able to capture a true glimpse of movie star but also of overzealous, infectious crowd (the audience) swarming to……….
(I am really confused to “have a look”, to “take an autograph” to “take a picture of her” to “touch her to find if she was ethereal”…….
My camera could capture all these moments…..
That was indeed some sight; I was bemused and awestruck at same time….
Well, all I do is grin each time I think of it, coz its one helluve world out there….. How much ever, be the fascination or magnetism of a celebrity or an emotion of star stuck person it failed me……
These few lines from a song’s aptly describe why I feel that way…

Illusion and Dream

Look in my eyes I'll make you see..
We're drifting aimlessly ....
Blind in a world of make believe………

I've got no hand in matters worldly,
I hardly care at all .....
What's going on fails to concern me,
'Cause I'm locked behind my wall .....
But you know what drives me out
Out of my mind oh ……..

It's whatever makes you see
Makes you believe.......
And forget about the premonition you need to conceive
The images they sell are Illusion and Dream
In other words dishonesty…….

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