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Oogle Google ….

Every single day I sift through thee
the vast expanse of knowledge
for that I seek, not within me
It says “search”
You’ll find what you must seek
it opens its windows for me

by a click of key...

Exploring the whole new world
encompassed within it
Everyone hopes to be in its lucky pages
Everyone who wishes to exist.

I seek its help
When I am stuck with something
It allows me to find it myself
Selflessly it helps others
help themselves..

by click of a key...

I spend times countless

Oogling at thee
I marvel who gave it
its ideal name be...

just another person perhaps
who wished to seek knowledge,
not within him
but to make it accessible
by click of key....

I always come back to home
to find within thee
something new ..
something to be glee

I know not now
how different it is
but it certainly does
make a difference to me..

Well, I am awed by sheer impact it has made on lives of people, I always wished to know how one could make a difference to the world, something of that grandititude is little difficult to achieve..

Google is living example of it though.

The realization just dawned to me , that I am practically dependent on google for most of things and most of the people are supposedly..

So, I wanna just thank its makers in a way, this was just something that came to my mind. :-)

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Ya. Life without Google is just impossible. This 'miracle' has fast progressed to be a necessity in our lives

1:51 AM

and thats EXACTLY why i call it GOOGLE ALMIGHTY !!

the virtual god :)

11:53 PM

Yeah mayn...
what can we possibly do we without it [:P]

Its just more than a necessity

11:58 PM

google god... I agree...

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8:33 AM

good poem .// On a sarcastic note it reminds me how we have become dependent on such private held organizations while putting our most intricate details in their databases.
Google makes the Internet feel like a drug. I admire its search function but the corporate ethics are close to none. And thats what the scary part is.

Thanks for sharing this poem.!!!!!

10:52 AM

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