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Sometimes we derive our answers, to those unsettled questions which have our mind lingering over, all the time in bizarre ways..

Sometimes a book makes the reader wait till that very moment, when the reader could understand its true value, not in terms of just the text that it holds but it terms of the meaning that could perhaps in a way matter to the reader.

Sometimes suddenly just this day out of blue... through some instances.. like perhaps talking to somebody, watching T V, reading a newspaper or probably from a cut out of the paper you just had your bhel in you figure it out.....

Something connects, something fits into that jigsaw puzzle that your mind has created by itself which then it tries to resolve as well.

"Meaning" is something each one of us is trying to figure out, about and from every aspect of our life...

There are times when some things bother you so much that, it starts to affect everything around you. and then you start blaming that everything.. for your difficulties, when the problem lies in perhaps yourself.

How long does it take for us to figure that out?

So is it that we derive our answers all by ourselves.. or the answers are just lying around , waiting for us to seek them.
Its like those multiple choice questions we have for most of our exams, you have questions and then you have answers just lying in front of you.

All you have to do is figure it out, seek the Right one...

Choice is what we have, Results are certain, Fate is.......

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ure actually right...ive found meanings to most of the things in my life thru the newspapers in which ive eaten my bhel and peanuts ..

lifes answers are presented in a yummy way :)

11:08 AM

"There are times when some things bother you so much that, it starts to affect everything around you. And then you start blaming that everything. For your difficulties, when the problem lies in perhaps yourself"
:- I do agree you. In life we come across some problems, questions whose answers we could not find, then such unanswered questions starts bothering us and indeed they affect everything around us like family, friends also our aim, goal, passion, behavior everything. And greatest war start within ourselve.This is really a strange situation in our life we come across. And it’s true we have to win this battle anyhow. As I have heard something like “In any competition the first person you have to beat is yourself". :)
Nice blog mitraaaaaa :)

1:42 PM

Yeah True.. re..
Trying again to beat myself this time.. :-)

9:36 PM

yes ... dats true..we have to fight our own battle..if you win one another one is awaiting for u few steps ahead..:)

2:57 PM

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