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Metaphorically speaking...........

The one thing that I religiously follow every night is keep stuff for download be it movies, series, e-books, software’s etc on my precious computer.... :)))
The reason being, there is absolutely no time to watch television these days.. or the strength to fight over a remote control and my work allows to me spend so much time in front of computer screen that I am practically glued to it.

So downloads work for me…. I can watch, read the stuff I like.. any day... anytime.. for a cuppa entertainment.

But today, as I was lining the torrents for download…

If you are netizen you'll know what I am talking about, I lined up 4-5 torrents at a stretch combining a total of some 4-5 Gb of downloadable content which I know, will not get downloaded in one night's span.
Yet I kept it. Hoping....( to be lucky) that all of it might just get downloaded..

The thing that struck me was sometimes our lives work on similar lines...

There are too many things you want to do at same time and you are subconsciously aware of the fact that you won’t be able to finish all those things at that very instant.

Yet to do it.. you involve yourself in too many things hoping that you'll be able to do everything, hoping that maybe you will get it all.. hoping that you will succeed in every sphere.

The next day I woke up and saw that none of them had completely downloaded (as I presumed, each one was showing 40%, 60%, 80% etc downloaded content).
So I wasn’t able to view any of the stuff that I had kept for download.


At times you fail.. you fail to achieve everything at that very instant.. You get depressed, annoyed at not being able to do it, at not being to achieve it …..

Although subconsciously you were aware of the fact that there is very rare possiblity of you being able to do it all.

The next night again, I kept only the unfinished stuff for download.

The day after that, all of the stuff was downloaded, I was able to view everything that I had planned on watching.

So sometimes, if you have patience and persistence to wait little longer... try a little longer... you might just come out victorious.

But its always a win-win situation, if you know yourself well and do things that you know you’ll be able to.

Now on, I keep only so much stuff for download that I know will be completed in a night’s span. So that the next day I have it all..

I believe the fact that “Impossible is nothing ” but sometimes hoping unrealistic things to happen takes the better of us.

So I guess, knowing what is possible is sometimes a better option.

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Prachi, yaaar i envy the way you write...i wish i could express the way you do...You reflect your thoughts so clearly...We have been discussing about the problem of "too many things" since a long time on phone and on chats and i am sure that many others would have been in a similar phase...this article shows somelight to the darkness...a solution...

AMAZING, wonderfull and brilliant

- Hemanth Tripathi

10:49 AM

hmm just right this post.. its like perfect example of a phase for me

and if what i mentioned could actually be solution...then I really really hope it solves the problem.


9:26 PM

Well..keeping a lot of things for download and not able to make it would let you strive to increase your bandwith and raise the bar :P

Wanting for unrealistic things brings out the best in us to atleast make it somewhere near it..In my case, it does make me push myself to the limit..pedal to the metal!

Ps: 40%,60% 80% of 5 Gb stuffs in one night..lucky girl :)

11:27 PM

mayn i like the comparison very much...fits appropriately !!

11:55 PM

but the push very rarely gets you to the other side.. or you end up bieng neither on either sides..

so sometimes.. this works out doesnt..

ps- its really foolish to think..
5 gb wud get downloaded in a night.. even if u increase bandwidth...

11:56 PM

hey praczz this write up is uber sense maan! just keep ur connotations goin... u gotta show 'em all! kudos

10:16 AM

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