New Year and New Beginnings  

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Being a Maharastrian, the occasion of Gudhi Padwa holds special significance, it is considered as the beginning of our New Year, not that we don’t celebrate 31st Dec, but it is also considered to be one of the three and half auspicious days of the year. On this occasion we hoist a Gudhi outside our house/window, symbolically to keep off adversity and usher in prosperity and happiness.

This is what most of us have come to know since childhood, as kids it just meant an occasion to hog on sweets, buy new clothes, wake up early, visit temple and meet relatives as it goes for every other festive occasion, growing up it meant one of the bank holidays to spend some leisure time and this year viola extended weekend joy :)

I don’t think I was ever curious to know more about festive occasion and what it really means until now. I am not sure if this sudden inclination to dig deeper comes from being into a profession where there is need to be informed about everything that is being talked about in online social universe ( aka facebook/twitter trends #gudipadwa) or just merely out of curiosity or as matter of fact that being Maharashtrian I should be aware of it.

Either ways it is fascinating to know how meaningful and thought through occasions/rituals can be. It is also surprising to find that we can to describe the significance of an event with a spiritual, historic, mythological and natural/seasonal context at the same time.
Spiritually this day marks the beginning of the time when universe came into existence; historically it signifies victories of Shivaji Maharaj in many battles, mythological significance is the victory of Rama by slaying Ravana in battle. And the natural phenomenon of commencement of spring season.

Well I didn't know that each of these things present in this Gudhi have this richer meaning, I think the image says it all for what we actually look forward to when we celebrate New Year.

(image courtesy- family whatsapp group, label courtesy- extensive google research)

Having now known the real significance of an occasion/ ritual it kind of makes our participation and contribution to such occasions more active and meaningful rather than the usual ‘follow and nod to what our parents say’ approach. What say you?

Personally I think everyday can be one’s New Year, everyday can be a start of something new, be it new beginnings, ventures, explorations, learning’s, discoveries. And these occasions just provides with that necessary push get us started. At times we all do require a beacon of hope, assurance, strength and courage to take on something new and challenging, think this Gudhi serves that purpose. :)

Happy Gudhi Padwa and happy New beginnings to one and all.

P.S- For me this day would be a new beginning to restart blogging again :)

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