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In my Mind…..

It seems...
It hits me, strikes me ,bounces off me..

sometimes strongly sometimes weak…
sometimes vaguely.. sometimes discrete..
in the middle of night,
while day dreaming..
anytime..... anywhere..
constantly now and again...

If it
settles for a moment

I strive to grasp it...
if unable then it
disappears in oblivion...
making me restless
making me wanting for more....

It seems….
it is scattered, cluttered, jumbled,ceaseless...

I hope to discern,gather,unravel it
don’t know what should
I do about it..
I can’t live with it....
I can’t live without it..

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Strong and deep emotions running free, nice poetic sense !

8:39 AM

it hits
it strikes
but before bouncing off

it punches hard
and knocks
at the right place

every knock
that it does
on the doors of your mind

in those nights
during those days
every time, and every where

it never settles
never disappears
it just plays the game
where you seek and it shall hide

leap, neah?
catch, neah?
a puzzle, neah?

live.. with or without it
these are those fractals
that binds impressions
long lasting ones
for you to graze over
and remember the leap of faith

12:10 PM

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